Summery Ombré Love




Such love. We just stared at them allll night. They are so gorgeous in real life. Orly Hook Up for the yellow and my nameless Color Club neon pink. It’s all topped off with a good coat of Seche Vite. Its all just so beautiful.


Are you as in love as me?


More Plaid?

So when I was bored this morning I decided to practice my plaid skills. I had only done diagonal ones before, so I wanted to nail straight left-right up-down plaid. The timing was perfect too because I had just swatched a new glitter I bought (115!) and wanted to see how it looked over different colors. The plaid colors are mostly the same because I didn’t want to make a mess, so I used striper brushes in the colors they came in. I think they turned out well though! It inspired me enough to do a plaid wheel the way I have a cheetah wheel. Have I showed you the whole cheetah wheel yet? Need to get on that. Anyways! Plaid!


Loveee it! Time to get on doing some serious colors!

Are you mad for plaid too? :]

My Nail Polish


114 nail polishes, separated by glitters and non glitters, then grouped by polish brand. I love them all! Haha they’re all my babies… And I’m about to get more :]

Want Some More Candy? Your Nails Do



I very easy could have left my nails like this. So pretty, so summery… I just kept looking at my nails. The colors are from the set of Seven I showed you yesterday, the nameless Color Clubs. Colors this pretty really should just be able to have the dignity of having names. I may buy a label maker and make names for them myself! The stripes are It’s So Easy Stripe Rite 1JO1. It’s a metallic silver that goes with every single color I have. And the most recent count is 114. Thats a lot of colors.

I could have just left my nails like this. But I havent done crackle in a while, and I love the look of black over rainbow colors. So one decently thick coat of China Glaze Black Mesh </em. Resulted in…



Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re cute and girly with a punk edge. I may go and add a top coat of a light glitter… Maybe. Ahhh. I’m in love love love! I’ll probably leave my nails like this for a while, good thing I have people coming over for me to do their nails!

Are you a crackle fan? Do you like the classic black or playing with colors.

Silver Saturday?

Yes? I think yes. Who doesn’t love silver designs? Ahah.


I recently bought this 7 set of color club nail polishes & one Sally Hansen polish in a great purple. I love Color Club. And these seven polishes are bright and great for summer! Sadly, all of them are nameless (the Sally Hansen is Good to Grape). Sad polishes. But they make beautiful color! See for yourself!

They are much brighter in person. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Now we have… Silver!

Such prettiness. My favorite colors are the pinks and green, and my favorite designs are the crackle. It’s a perfect combination. A close up:


Aren’t they lovely? The next time I do my nails I’m going to do some crackle. The crackle-rainbow combination was one of my first true loves.

Which one is your favorite? Do you love crackle nail polish as much as I do?

What They Dont Tell You About Ombre

Doing nail polish gradients are gorgous. Even if you mess up, you cant really mess up. The end results are great compliments to a manicure. I say compliment because to do ombre gradients on all of your nails (assuming you have 10) uses a LOT of Polish. Like dont use any nail polish that costs over 5$ unless your super rich because you use so much LOT of polish. Because I change my nails so often, it would just be so wasteful to use all that polish on a manicure that I leave on for 3 days (max). Just be careful with the polishes you use if youre venturing into nail gradients.

As long as you use a makeup sponge and aluminum foil, its a very smooth process. Makeup sponges dont leave very noticeble bumps on the nails so you wont have to do more than one top coat, which is good.

Nail gradients are messy. And there is no way around it. Dont plan on doing these nails 2 hours before youre supposed to go out on a date. Heck. Dont do these nails in the same day of said date. Definitly do the night before so you have plenty of scrubbing opportunities without messing up the manicure. You WILL need those opportunities. Dont believe me? See for yourself.


And this is before the 2nd coat I had to do to keep everything opaque. It. Gets. Messy.

Are there any other ombre secrets I missed? Let me know!


Just Cant Get Enough


Thesee pretty polishes make some awesome gradient nails. Starting from the back we have China Glaze Devotion, Barielle Wool You Marry Me?, Ulta Tingling Fruit, and Barielle Sailors Delight.

Me gusta. Le gusta? Gusta. Ahah. So I took these nails and decided I wanted to do some more ombre (i think I am becoming addicted…). But we always have to have some contrast-complement as well. At least I do. Maybe you guys are normal. Anyways, so I decided to take the plunge and try actual ombre-gradient polish instead of doing it through the dots. Want to see? Of course you do. Image


Le sigh. Me Like. A close up of my thumb? Why, of course!


Im just loving all of it.

What do you think? Are you a dotted ombre fan or a nail gradient fan… I love the combination of them both!


Me Gusta Ombré


Me Gustaaaa! Ahah. Two coats of O.P.I. Your Royal Shininess and one coat of O.P.I. Serving’ Up Sparkle on all fingers but my middle. On my middle fingers is Orly Stone Cold. The dots on the silver start with Stone Cold, fade to Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure The Sky’s The Limit, and end with Orly Jealous, Much?. The silver glitter over Stone Cold is The Color Club (no name :[ ). Swoooon. I love it all so much

I do have a confession to make. These were a redo. I did my nails dotted over black, but I took them off pretty much as soon as they were done. Here they are.


I don’t know why it wasn’t working for me. I think it’s because the tips weren’t as clear of a different color that I wanted them to be. I love my silver ones so much though <33

Would you have left your nails the way mine were the first Time? Or do you agree something was off with them.

____+____=chombre :]

Did you guess cheetah and ombre? Good job! Congratulate yourself by painting your nails with this yummy nail design. We start off with ‘boring’ old ombre, which is pretty sweet by itself.

From the left we have Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Plum’s the word fading to a lighter Milani Pink Rocks!. In the middle is Orly Stone Cold fading to the lighter Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure The Sky’s The Limit. And finally, to the right we have The Sky’s the Limit fading to Orly Jealous, Much?. Yummy. But that’s not enough. So we….


Add glitter! Yay glitter! Over the pink we have Milani 583 Hot Pink. Over the middle blue is Revlon Whimsical, and over the right blue is L.A. Girl Glitter Addict (that’s me! A glitter addict!) Aqueous. Pretty. I could have left them like this and been happy. But nope, we still have….




Cheetah. Ahhhh. Cheetah print. Me Gusta. Mucho. For the pink on the left we have dabs with O.P.I. Bling Dynasty and half circles in Sinful Colors Black on Black. For the middle blue we also have dabs with Bling Dynasty with the half circles in Black on Black. Finally, on the Right blue we have dabs in Black on Black with the half circles in Revlon Silver Dollar. Swoon. I love all of these so much. My graduation cheetah print nails need to chip or something so I can try out ombre cheetah print nails… Or ombre dots… Or some more matte. All these choices!

Which one is your favorite out of the three? Which design should I do next on myself?

My Graduation Nails

Eeeeeee!!!! My graduation nails. <3333 <3333
A coat of Beauty Secrets Base Coat. Two coats of O.P.I. Bling Dynasty on all fingers except the ring fingers. On the ring fingers is one coat of Finger Paints Black Expressionism and one coat of Zoya Maisie. For the cheetah it’s dabs of L.A. Girls Disco Brites blue, followed by a coat of Maisie to add extra glitz. The half moons are Black Expressionism. It’s all topped off with some Seche Vite Top Coat.
Le sigh. Isn’t it lovely? The Maisie changes so much depending on the lighting. So pretty.
You ready?
Here it is!



See the color change? ❤
Yay amazingness!