Fabulous Nail Tutorial=Fabulous Nails


Yep! Peacock feather nails! Ahhhhhhh! They are so lovely, and actually aren’t too difficult as long as you have plenty of time. What you need:

Starting from the left we have
Beauty Secrets Base Coat
Two nail art brushes
Orly In a Snap
Orly Royal Velvet. RV
Essence Choose Me! CM!
O.P.I. Bling Dynasty. BD
Sinful Colors San Francisco. SF
N.Y.C. High Line Green. HLG
Orly Here Comes Trouble HCT
Orly Hook Up. HU
Sally Hansen The Sky’s The Limit. TSTL
Orly Stone Cold. SC
Seche Vite Top Coat
In the middle is my biggest dotting tool. If you’re careful, you can get by without needing it. The quick dry isn’t necessary as long as your patient, but I wanted to speed the drying time up between layers ( This is a LOT of polish that goes on your nails )


Start off with the base coat, and wait for it to completely dry. Then do two coats of RV. Once that drys do one full coat of CM!. Then, take one of the nail art brushes and dip it into BD. Don’t let too much get on, because you don’t want the color to collect on brush then drip on your nails. Using a slow, even hand, draw two long thing lines; almost in a V shape. It can be random, and going in a different direction on each nail. Just don’t let it get too thick, the gold is only supposed to peek out under the greens.


Wipe off the brush in a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. Grab the other nail art brush and dip it into SF. Now draw three thin lines, almost in a w shape. Try to leave a semi-even spacing between the gold and dark green. You may need to do two coats of this color. Wipe off this brush and switch to the other one.

Do the same thing with a brush dipped in HLG, only draw the lighter green either very close to the gold or very close, practically on top of the SF. Anywhere from two to four lines is good, whatever you’re happy with. You want to leave some of the base colors showing because they’re so pretty and the glitter adds to the overall effect.
Once again wipe off that brush and grab the other one. Dip it into HCT, but only do one or two lines. You don’t want the glitter to be too overpowering and distract from all the other colors.



You are now done with the nail art brush! The hardest part is over! Yay! Now take HU , and use the brush to dab circles on your nails. Don’t make them too thick because you will need to do two coats. Position them in different spots, but kinda at the end of where the lines are around the edge of your nail. If you have the lines going in the same direction on all of your nails, then the circles should kinda be in the same area.

Once the two coats of HU are dry, take the big dotting tool and TSTL and start making smaller circles inside of the yellow. Leave the yellow showing as a border, and essentially fill in the middle. You should only need one coat of this.
Wipe off the dotting tool and then take SC. Make circles in the middle of each blue circle, leaving the blue showing. Once you do every nail, wait a bit and do a coat of Seche Vite . Wait some more and then do another. Because these nails are gorgeous and you will want them to last.

Well, there you have it! Peacock feather nails! They are super eye catching and pretty and I just love them. Beware, these do take time. A lot of time. I probably spent two hours doing my nails and the how to template. And that’s with doing coats of IAS between every few layers. They are SO worth it though. Get to painting!


From start to finish.
Let me know If you plan on trying these nails, I can give you some tips on other possible nail colors that would work. I tried different bases and line colors before deciding on the ones I showed you, but some of them would have made really neat nails too!


About GlitterGirl

A college student who loves all things that sparkle! Nail polish is a fun way for me to express myself and I hope to share my designs with other nail polish addicts while exploring new techniques and designs. If you like ( or even hate!) what you see, please leave a comment and let me know! I get butterflies every time I get a new comment. If you have any questions, email me at glittericiousnails@live.com :]

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