This past Sunday I went to the diamondbacks game with my mother, and as we were walking in a lady was handing out free samples of the imPress fake nails. She gave my mom and I each two sets, which means I now have four sets of fake nails to play with! Well, three now. Because I’m Wearing one of them! The nails were super easy to apply, and look great. They aren’t that long either, I had to file my thumb a bit to be sure it wouldn’t poke out under the fake nail. I put them on yesterday, and they’re still going strong today, so for free this brand is actually pretty nice! I would recommend trying them out if you need hot nails and don’t have time to doctor your real ones up! They even come with designs already on them.
Anyways, so the kind I have on don’t have designs on them, so I had to do that myself! The color they came in is a nice subtle magenta, so I thought colors of gold, silver, and black would accent them nicely. On my index and ring finger we have plaid, and on my pinkie, middle, and thumb we have cheetah print. My nails look so cool!




what do you think? Are you into fake nails? Would you use them for the length and design them yourself, or buy pre-designed ones


About GlitterGirl

A college student who loves all things that sparkle! Nail polish is a fun way for me to express myself and I hope to share my designs with other nail polish addicts while exploring new techniques and designs. If you like ( or even hate!) what you see, please leave a comment and let me know! I get butterflies every time I get a new comment. If you have any questions, email me at :]

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