It Doesn’t Take Much

To make me happy.. It really doesn’t. Some pretty colors, a nice glitter, and a cute dress is all I need to rock out the day. Using the purple base of Gothic Lolita from yesterday, I decided to go safari with some cheetah print using my new Essie. It’s called Super Bossa Nova, and it’s a great pink. Plus, it matches exactly to the pink on my tribal designed dress. My outfit makes me feel like I’m ready for an African safari, which is a first for me. Needless to say, I love it.




The dabs are China Glaze  Electrify.



There Are Different Kinds Of Love, Right?

Okay, so I know that I absolutely loved Zoya Tru earlier this week. And I still do. But you have to admit that color was a litttle dark. It didn’t really bother me, but when I saw this pretty by China Glaze, I knew I needed it. It spoke to my colorful, nail polish loving soul. The best part? Before my 20% discount was taken, the color was 2.99$. I was in shock, but that didn’t stop me from rushing home to coat my nails in it. It’s great. It’s so so great. May I present… China Glaze Gothic Lolita.

This is without flash. The sun had already set, so I couldn’t get the natural lighting. But with flash, it looks pretty similar.


Swoon. This blogger is Happyyyyy. And wait until you see the fun designs I have to put on it for my trip to St. Louis (Electrify reappears!).

The Girl On Fire

So there I was, minding my own business, when I stumbled across Ultas clearance section (I was prepared with a 20% off coupon, having come to get more Redkin for my hair) and onto one of the last nail polishes left from China Glaze’s Hunger Games line of nail polishes. I had seen Electrify before, but before today I didn’t feel the pressing urge to get it. But since I was looking for a gold glitter to play around with, I decided “why not,” and went ahead and purchased it.
Oh. My. Good. Ness. This color is unbelievable. This color is what Suzanne Collins pictured when she wrote about Katniss having flames on her nails. It is brilliant. My camera doesn’t do this color justice- the color really is electric. If I used this polish in a flame shape, no doubt people would wonder if my nails were on fire.





The color seriously glows. Underneath all that fantastic glowing glitter is a couple coats of O. P. I. Pros And Bronze. That coppery-bronze beauty was the color I was enjoying today until I absolutely had to get Electrify on my nails

My One Tru Love

I have officially found my signature purple nail polish. It’s clearly purple, has shimmer, and isn’t too dark. This lovely polish will never be painted onto anyone else’s nails but mine (by me at least). It’s Zoya Tru, and it is fabulous.

I’ve had a thing for colors lately. Like I just want to paint my nails one color and enjoy them for the pretties they are. I have over 150 bottles of nail polish, and I want to start appreciating them more.
That being said, while I ride this wave of color appreciation, I do want to experiment with my newest nail toys: filmo canes. These things are tiny canes in the shape of designs that you cut with a sharp knife (I used my x-acto knife) very thinly then place on your nails. It’s a very easy way to be cute or spice up a manicure. The flowers are adorable too. So on my middle finger, over Tru, is one slice of my favorite filmo cane: the Chanel double C logo. Im pretty sure this would look dope over black so it could blend in better, but for now it’s spicing up my purple shimmer.




Vegas Baby

Vegas has amazing polishes. So amazing I ripped off my fakes and had to try them RIGHT. NOW. And goodness, do they impress. I’ve gotten 4 so far, but the one I’m obsessed with is Island Girl Hawaii Island Sunset. Oh. My. Goodness. I love it. It’s a raspberry glitter jelly that dries quickly. I don’t even have top or base coats on. And it’s fabulous. The pics haven’t been edited for lighting either.



The pinkie and ring fingers are topped withLove And Beauty in a chunky gold. No name ūüė¶
Vegas awesome! Post to you soon

All Of The Lights

So Wednesday through Saturday I will be in Las Vegas. Im no stranger, my family has gone at least once a year since I was three months old. We do a family reunion and all the cousins hang out and its a great time. I can say with certainty though that my nails have never been as fabulous as they will be this time around. Im bringing out the big guns: the fake nails. Ever since getting the free trials of impress, I have used them for all of my fake nail needs. Easy to apply, and last a good length of time. But, because I love doing my own nails, I bought the plain colored ones and designed them myself. One set is splatter, and one set is full of jelly sandwiches.

Jelly sandwiches are made when you take a jelly nail polish and a chunky glitter, with the glitter sandwiched between the two coats of jelly nail polish. Since these are fake nails, the glitter is topped with a jelly nude ( I didn’t have a jelly polish that matched the bright pink base). The polish topcoat really subdues the glitter, and yet somehow makes it more interesting to look at. You almost need to double take when you see them just to fully understand everything that is going on. For the glitters all the nails got a coat of¬†Milani Jewel FX¬†in¬†Fuchsia,¬†then half of the nails got a coat over that in¬†Milani Jewel FX¬†in¬†Lavender.¬†The other half coat another coat in¬†Milani Jewel FX¬† in¬†Teal.¬†I made sure to even out the sizes, so when I apply them I’ll have an equal balance of purple/pinks and blue/pinks. These nails will be my second set, so I’ll probably put them on friday before we head out to the cabana. Friday is also the day my cousin and I will be looking all dressed up and fancy, so these sandwich nails will look especially great with my sequined dress.

Amazing, right? The nails I will arrive in Vegas wearing (aka the ones Im putting on tomorrow) are splattered with two different colors. These ones are fun and unique and I absolutely love them to pieces. These were my 4th set of fake nails that I’ve designed, and splatter is by far the easiest way to do it. As long as you have a paper towel underneath the nails don’t fly away and you get great designs. The first splatter round was¬†butter¬†Londons¬†Royal Navy, and then round two was¬†O.P.I.¬†Hot Fun In The Summer-Lime.¬†The end result is awesome, and I will rock Vegas wearing these.

They also got a top coat of¬†Pure Ice¬†Fairy Dust.¬† Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t wait to be wearing these while having fun with my large family I never see enough, and under the casino lights these nails will definitely be a hit.

You See My Nails? They’re Delicious.

It was storming like crazy last night, with lightning and thunder every few seconds. Bleh. I do not like storms at all. And since my nails were ready to be painted and I was not a bit tired, I decided to spend a good two hours doing my nails into summer fruits to distract me from the ugliness outside. Besides, who doesn’t love kiwis, strawberries, and watermelon? Originally they were going to be all kiwis, but then I decided to throw in more contrast.

To make the kiwis you use the polishes:

China Glaze In The Lime Light

O.P.I. Hot Fun In The Summer-Lime

Color Club in light green

O.P.I. Alpine Snow

Butter London The Dark Knight

Orly Here Comes Trouble.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done as many black seeds. Regardless, I love them to death. Now, for the watermelon you use:

Sally Hansen Temptation

Color Club in light green

Orly HCT

The awesome strawberries use:

Orly Grave Mistake

Zoya Mitzi


Orly HCT

These nails remind me of barbecues and fruit salad with dad grilling burgers and kids jumping into the pool. Kinda perfect for this time of  year. Now I just have to resist the temptation to bite them. Haha.

Never Before Seen (From Me)

I was staring at my racks of nail polish yesterday, and realized that in the very back corner was a turquoise glitter China Glaze nail polish that has never been used yet. *gasp*

Since I’m still rocking my gradient cheetah print nails, as soon as my friend got to my house this morning I dragged her to the counter so I could finally use¬†Optical Illusion. My friend is used to this, so she was game for me to experiment. And boyy, this polish is gorgeous! Its a light turquoise with tons of small rainbow colored glitter. Silver, red, yellow, green, pink, blue…. And that is just off the top of my head. But because I also wanted some nail art so I could blog about it, I threw in some opposite dots using¬†Sally Hansen¬†The Sky’s The Limit¬† and¬†Finger Paints¬†Inkblot Blue.¬†Inkblot¬†is the cerulean,¬†and¬†Sky¬†is the sky blue.¬†Optical Illusion also has a base of¬†Sky, because I wanted the color to be very very opaque. And the result is fabulous. Check out the closeup:

Fabulous, right? Its a very subtle glitter (perfect for my friend), yet it still packs a punch once you get a good look at it. The dots just add more fun. Enjoy :]

SIlver And Gold….And Love And Pink

My goodness, I love these gradient nails. The silver and gold blended perfectly, and looking at how they turned out makes me happy. Ive never been a believer in the saying that silver and gold don’t mesh well. On the silver charm bracelet I wear every day I have a gold ring attached, and one of my favorite bracelet cuffs is half silver, half gold. I actually love mixing the two, especially now that I have seen how these nails turned out. If I had to do it over, I probably would have left my middle finger just gradient but oh well. I still adore them. Plus, these aren’t common nails to find. So I can be assured of having unique nails wherever I am. The gold is¬†Pure ICE¬†Bite Me,¬†and the silver is¬†O.P.I.¬†Your Royal Shine-ness.¬†The teal is my new nail art bottle,¬†Finger Paints¬†Art Hue Feeling Young?¬†and the pink is¬†O.P.I.¬†Strawberry Margarita.¬†

This is the first time that I freehanded the cheetah print using a nail art brush-usually I use my dotting tools. While Im sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to get the hang of the brush, I think I’ll stick with my dotting tools. I get more detail and control that way. I definitely consider these the best gradient I’ve done so far, and can’t wait to keep doing it ūüôā


Got Cuticles? Get a Fabulous Cuticle Balm For ONE Dollar. Read!

This balm works wonders! My raggedy cuticles disappeared pretty much overnight

This is pretty much a miracle in a tube for your fingers. I discovered Fizz when I was touring Northern Arizona University and at orientation. I fell in love as soon as I stepped into the store. The owner, Kim, makes everything fresh using all natural, mostly organic ingredients, and everything is decently priced for what you are getting. I have made 3 purchases from Fizz since that day in June (1 in store, 2 online), and I could not be happier with everything I purchased. I know I don’t usually do product reviews, but this balm is too good to not share. Anyone who likes happy, healthy cuticles should look into purchasing this. Want to get it for only a dollar (shipping and tax included?)? Read on…

Isn’t it cute? The product is like a jumbo sized chapstick. To get more, you push up from the bottom. I rub some into my cuticles every night now, and I have nothing to pick. I was very impressed how big of a difference was made so quickly.

All of the products are made fresh. I purchased this online maybe two days after it was made, so it definitely was about as fresh as possible. The prices are quite reasonable for the quantity and quality of product you are getting. I see this balm lasting me at least another two months, even using it every night.

Are you intrigued? You should be. Some of my other favorites from this wonderful place are the passion bath fizzes, the essential candies in lavender and grapefruit (which actually do work!), the mood balm in calming, and the body oil. I chose the create your own option and used the oils:tea tree, grapefruit, and lavender. It smells SO good, and is really relaxing and moisturizing.

If you want to try the cuticle balm, but aren’t sure about paying 6$ for something you’re not sure you will like (you will! I promise!), email me! Fizz has a lovely refer-a-friend program, so if you tell me you’re interested I can refer you. You will get a 5$ voucher for your first purchase. Since shipping and tax are including in the price, you will get this balm for only ONE dollar. You really can’t beat that deal. Just email me at and tell me your first and last name, and your email address. Then, once you make your purchase, I get a 5$ voucher too. Everyone wins!

However, if you don’t want to save 5$ off of anything, head on over to Fizz Bath Shop.The customer service is impeccable and everything I have tried is great. And if you’re looking for something and cant find it, just email them and they can try and do something for you.

P.S. Ill have an awesome nail post later today. Im almost done, and these may just be my favorite yet…