My One Tru Love

I have officially found my signature purple nail polish. It’s clearly purple, has shimmer, and isn’t too dark. This lovely polish will never be painted onto anyone else’s nails but mine (by me at least). It’s Zoya Tru, and it is fabulous.

I’ve had a thing for colors lately. Like I just want to paint my nails one color and enjoy them for the pretties they are. I have over 150 bottles of nail polish, and I want to start appreciating them more.
That being said, while I ride this wave of color appreciation, I do want to experiment with my newest nail toys: filmo canes. These things are tiny canes in the shape of designs that you cut with a sharp knife (I used my x-acto knife) very thinly then place on your nails. It’s a very easy way to be cute or spice up a manicure. The flowers are adorable too. So on my middle finger, over Tru, is one slice of my favorite filmo cane: the Chanel double C logo. Im pretty sure this would look dope over black so it could blend in better, but for now it’s spicing up my purple shimmer.





About GlitterGirl

A college student who loves all things that sparkle! Nail polish is a fun way for me to express myself and I hope to share my designs with other nail polish addicts while exploring new techniques and designs. If you like ( or even hate!) what you see, please leave a comment and let me know! I get butterflies every time I get a new comment. If you have any questions, email me at :]

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