One Love, One Heart

I’m not going to lie- I am not a big Bob Marley fan. But he is big here on the college scene, so I am aware of him and his colors. Do you know what this lead to? I met a man named Michael who lives in my dorm, and twenty minutes later he was in my room letter me paint his nails. He’s extremely heterosexual, which made it even more fun. We then explored the third floor of my dorm, and spread word of my little nail painting business. A lot of people seemed interested too! So, enjoy these awesome rasta nails that Michael was manly enough to wear for a while :]





Shower Dots

This will be super quick because I have to go to class… But I LOVE these! Two coats of China Glaze Shower Together, then all my nail art bottles that never have names. Silver, pink, purple, yellow. So cute.





18 & Fabulous

Well, I am officially 18. Happy birthday to me! To celebrate this (apparently its kind of a big deal), I’m doing my nails as nice as can be. They need to look fabulous when I start my classes tomorrow (!!). So, these pinterest inspired nails use four polishes. China Glaze Gothic Lolita, China Glaze Shower Together, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie , and Kiss nail art paint in pink. I think these are a twist of geometric and tribal, and I’m enjoying it. They’ll go well with my safari dress I’m wearing tomorrow. What do you think?


Sorry they are slightly messy, I didn’t have time to clean them up. I’ll do that later though… It’s nap time!

Fish Scales?

I did my nails last night, and figured I would post about them this morning. But this morning I woke up and realized I didn’t like them any more. I’m just not going to post about nails I do I don’t like. Ahah. So you know what that means…. Time to do them again >:D
These nails kind of just happened. I was thinking dots and then when I did my first nail I just kept staring at it. Am I the only one who sees the fish scale-esque resemblance? I really just feel like my hands would look so cool if I just grabbed a fish right now. I can’t do that though, so I’m left imagining it. My accent nail was originally stripes, and on any other day it would have stayed striped. But today I was feeling the dots, so dots it was. The jade is Orly Lucky Duck, and the silver with pink undertones is China Glaze Devotion. I’m a fan.



Anyone see the scales? Am I just seeing things? Let me know in the comments :]

Now This Is A First

… The first time I’ll be posting in my college dorm (!!) showing you nails I did last night (in my college dorm!). I know I said I had some sparkly magic planned for Monday night, but sometimes nail polish just doesn’t want to listen. Thats the easiest way to describe my somewhat dramatic nail meltdown. It was pretty bad. But! We are moving on to oooh and ahhh over the lovely nails I have to show you today!




I know my last post was cheetah print, and I am kindabutnotreally sorry. But if you remember my motto, When in doubt cheetah it out, it explains it perfectly. You see, last night I was just sad and frustrated and exhausted and not at all pleased with anything. So I sat down at my desk, breathed a few times, and started to paint my nails. What was going to be one accent purple matte nail turned into these nails, and I felt my mood lighten with every coat of polish I put on my fingers. So just enjoy, and I will try to have something other than cheetah print the next time I post.
The purple is Essie Play Date and the pink is O.P.I. Strawberry Margarita. The black was from a nail pen (don’t judge, I said I was exhausted. Plus I couldn’t find my detail brush among the chaos that was my room). These nails are also a great way for me to remember that there is a cheerful, shining sun somewhere on this earth- it has not stopped raining! Ever! And I miss my sunshine! So these fun pastels are almost like colorful suns on my nails. If you don’t get the connection…. Just move on. Ahah. Welp. I’m off to try and restore more order to this room. Don’t forget to leave a comment on what you think of these nails… Or have any college advice :]



I love nail polishes with inappropriate names. I got a manicure on Saturday, and when I saw this polish I had to have it- on my nails and in my collection. The blue is beautiful, and the name makes me giggle. Gotta love it.

One I Can Really Be Proud Of.

Lets cut to the chase. These very well may be some of the best nails I have ever done. Ever.  I love these. The cashier at Michaels thought they were stickers and wanted to know where I bought them . Essie Play DateEssie Cocktail Bling. Orly Lucky Duck.








These really are nails that I am proud of, and love to have on.  The cheetah print is definitely my best yet, and overall these may be my best of all time. I’m going to leave them like this for the weekend river trip, and then Monday afternoon I’ll be doing my nails for moving into college (!!!!). Those will definitely be sparkle overload. But until Monday, I will be loving my fingers.


Easy Breezy Beautiful… Clouds


Like I promised, here is the tutorial on the cloud mani! The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I’ll add words to make it easier for all of you. Aren’t I nice? 🙂

Step One: Do two coats of a base color. Unless you’re using a super-saturated polish, go gradient-style and do your coats light to dark. That way you don’t have to worry about the color underneath it showing through.

Step Two: Grab your second polish and give the bottle a good shake. Then, take the brush out and wipe off some of the excess polish on the inside rim of the bottle. Leave enough to get a thick round shape when you start to paint the cloud. If you are using a thick rectangular brush, turn it sideways so the skinny side is what touches your nail. That way you get the rounded edge.

Step Three: Paint on three dashes starting at different points mid-nail and going to the tip. The first one (the farthest left) should be the longest, the second the middle length, and the third the shortest. Take your time with your strokes, that way you get a good think stripe.

Step Four: Wait a few minutes for the stripes to dry, then grab your third polish and do steps two and three again. This time, make sure the dashes stay within the shape of the first dashes (don’t go past where the second polish is, and leave room for it to show!). Finish with a good top coat.

See? How simple and easy is that! Look at two pictures at the bottom of this post, that should help more if the words and above picture doesn’t make everything crystal clear. If you need more help or a clarification, please feel free to leave a question in the comments or email me at I love hearing from you guys! (which also means to let me know if you enjoy this cloud mani as much as I do!)


All You See Is Strange Clouds





I love that song, so it seems only fitting that I love this cloud mani too. I got some new baby Essies the other day, and I decided to try out the three of them together by doing a cloud mani (this is my first one.). And boy, do I adore it! These nails are so fun to look at, yet they still have that classy edge. Imagine how fun these would be with brighter, more summery colors too! Ahhh, I really am enjoying these nails. The best part? Anyone can do them! These are by far the easiest nails I’ve done yet! I plan on posting a tutorial of these later using fun, bright colors so you guys can see the possibilities and how simple it is!

All three of these polishes are by Essie. The lilac is Bangle Jangle, the blue-grey is Cocktail Bling, and the deep navy blue is Bobbing For Baubles.

I know all three of these colors are pretty understated considering my love for flashiness, but for some reason I really enjoy these colors. The mini bottles came in a set of four, but my mom snatched the red before I could even swatch it. All three of these colors are so easy to apply, and all of them provide full coverage in one coat- pretty impressive considering how deep the navy is and how light the blue-grey is. I guess that just shows how heavily saturated the colors are.

My tutorial should come later today, look for it! 🙂


A Mermaids Tale: Lucky Duck!

I have officially re-fallen in love with Orly. Their creams are so creamy and their glitters are so sparkly. When they are combined, its an ultimate win. Using Orly Lucky Duck, Orly Mermaid Tale, Finger Paints Inkblot Blue, and O.P.I. Top Of My World, I created a nail-gradient sparkle fest. Her pinkie and pointer finger are gradients from the teal to blue with Top of My Worldover it, and the other fingers have Lucky Duck under Mermaid Tale. Its not as obnoxious as the nails in my last post are, but they definitely are fun to look at.  Especially the close up!!

Cool, no?

Now I am going to try something for the first time… a poll! If you read this blog, please share your opinion so I can see if they are a worthwhile tool! I can then use them to figure out which way I want to do my nails when I’m stuck, or see what kind of designs you guys like best. Now go vote and make me one happy blogger! 🙂


*oops. I just realized the background of the poll was skulls… ignore that!