One I Can Really Be Proud Of.

Lets cut to the chase. These very well may be some of the best nails I have ever done. Ever.  I love these. The cashier at Michaels thought they were stickers and wanted to know where I bought them . Essie Play DateEssie Cocktail Bling. Orly Lucky Duck.








These really are nails that I am proud of, and love to have on.  The cheetah print is definitely my best yet, and overall these may be my best of all time. I’m going to leave them like this for the weekend river trip, and then Monday afternoon I’ll be doing my nails for moving into college (!!!!). Those will definitely be sparkle overload. But until Monday, I will be loving my fingers.



About GlitterGirl

A college student who loves all things that sparkle! Nail polish is a fun way for me to express myself and I hope to share my designs with other nail polish addicts while exploring new techniques and designs. If you like ( or even hate!) what you see, please leave a comment and let me know! I get butterflies every time I get a new comment. If you have any questions, email me at :]

One response to “One I Can Really Be Proud Of.

  1. Well done! They do look like stickers! I would have never thought of that color combo. Very cool.

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