I’m Nude

Finger Paints Natural Talent . I love it.






On a side note, does anyone notice that god awful bubbling on my pinkie? Anyone know why basecoats will sometimes do that? It drives me crazy.





Did You Know

That Size Matters?According to Essie it does. Readers, meet my new go to polish for any occasion that calls for sexy and mature nails. I really really love this polish. And the name. The gold and orange are just to spice things up.




That’s right, Lauren Conrad. As in nails inspired by her. Which turned out fabulous. To make these pretty, clean cut nails we used Orly Jealous, Much?, Sally Hansen Crinoline, Julep Oscar , O.P.I. Bling Dynasty, and Love & Beauty in gold. Even though that sounds like a lot of polish, you can’t really tell by looking at her nails. They just look fresh and girlie (and awesome).




Aren’t they fabulous? My friend adores them, I adore them, and I think we accomplished the goal we set out with. Go nails!

For Some Reason, I’m Thinking Super Heroes

Hello everyone! Sorry for the space between posts. Today I have these cool outrageously bright geometric nails using the O.P.I Neons Collection. I decided to mix Ridiculously Yellow and Riotously Pink, and when I was done I was left with something that reminds me out a superhero costume. A fabulous girl superhero, of course. See for yourself.




The navy blue stripes are Butter London Royal Navy. These nails are so fun, I’m sure they’ll get me through the rest of the week. Maybe later I’ll even add some sparkle! What do you think?

Just Been Rollin’, Rollin’,

Rollin’ down the river. That’s a fun song I only know because of my parents. The whole point of the random song lyrics is to point out that I have been on a rolllll doing my nails lately. I adored the last shimmerfest that was my nails, and now I’m adoring another China Glaze </em gradient. These are my two favorite colors of all time, and the way they blend makes me drool. Just kidding. Not really. If I had to get a nail polish tattoo, I probably would go with something like this. Mmmmmm. These two polishes are Shower Together and Gothic Lolita. GL was a polish I saw bloggers drool over for about six months, and then when I got it on sale I completely understood the hype. The color, the consistency… Everything is perfect. ST is definitely my favorite blue, and of depending on my mood it could even be number one of all time out out my 170 bottles of jail polish. It’s just wonderful. Here, see for yourselves




You can drool with me. I won’t tell.

Riveting Indeed

Hmm. It appears a habit is forming. I feel like the last few times I have posted I’ve been in math class… Today just continues that trend! The nails I’m showing you today are a gradient using two extremely shimmery China Glaze polishes, Riveting and 108 Degrees. Once I did them, my eyes just were glued. I think today is the third day I’ve rocked them, and for me that’s a long time. Especially considering I don’t plan on changing them until they chip. Horribly.
With these nails I feel like this is the best gradient I have done in a really long time. Everything is blended and smooth and I just can’t. Stop. Staring. See for yourself.



All of it was topped off with imb Northern Lights just to add some extra sparkle. I did two coats, and maybe the small holographic flecks are another reason I think my nails look extra blended and pretty. They go crazyyy in the sunlight. I tried to capture it, but I don’t know if any pictures can truly capture the amazingness of this manicure.

So much prettiness

I’m In…

Math class. I hate math class. Enjoy my turquoise-gold pretty mani with a punch of Rawrr. Much better than inverse function and graphs




School Spirit

I am currently lying in my bed right now preparing for my insanely busy day. My school plays its first home football game today, and I am fortunate enough to be able to be an observer on the sidelines. Which requires me to arrive 6 hours before the game and probably won’t come back to my dorm at all today. I’ll be busy slaving away. Ahah.
With that being said I have two school spirit nails I did in honor of my college. The first set I did on my friends a while back just because, and the second set are the nails I’m currently sporting. Go team 🙂





Like I said, I am in bed. Therefore I have no idea what polishes I used for these. Just enjoy the prettiness and wish NAU luck today!


No actual nail art today, but I feel like my nails are so sparkly that they count as nail art. Seriously, it’s just a crazy pretty sparkle fear happening anytime there is any sort of light near my nails. It’s awesome.
For these glitters I used two from the Milani Jewel FX collection, Hot Pink and Teal. I actually have another one from the collection as well, and next chance I get all three of those suckers will be layered over a white or grey. I’m so excited. But until then, I’m left with a somewhat tamed (wink wink) glitterfest, which has been layered over Piggy Polish Strong Like Jazz and Orly Lucky Duck




5 Minute Quickie

So these really are a quick five minute Mani…. Just divided between two days. I was super tired last night, so I just slapped on some base coat and covered my nails in China Glaze Shower Together and Essie Super Bossa Nova. Then some quick dry polish, and I was off to bed. Then, this morning when I had some spare time getting ready I just grabbed my nail art pen and doodled away! I had been wanting to try cheetah print like this for a while, and though I’m glad I got it out of my system, I definitely like it more when there colors in the middle. It’s more fun.