All Of The Lights

So Wednesday through Saturday I will be in Las Vegas. Im no stranger, my family has gone at least once a year since I was three months old. We do a family reunion and all the cousins hang out and its a great time. I can say with certainty though that my nails have never been as fabulous as they will be this time around. Im bringing out the big guns: the fake nails. Ever since getting the free trials of impress, I have used them for all of my fake nail needs. Easy to apply, and last a good length of time. But, because I love doing my own nails, I bought the plain colored ones and designed them myself. One set is splatter, and one set is full of jelly sandwiches.

Jelly sandwiches are made when you take a jelly nail polish and a chunky glitter, with the glitter sandwiched between the two coats of jelly nail polish. Since these are fake nails, the glitter is topped with a jelly nude ( I didn’t have a jelly polish that matched the bright pink base). The polish topcoat really subdues the glitter, and yet somehow makes it more interesting to look at. You almost need to double take when you see them just to fully understand everything that is going on. For the glitters all the nails got a coat of Milani Jewel FX in Fuchsia, then half of the nails got a coat over that in Milani Jewel FX in Lavender. The other half coat another coat in Milani Jewel FX  in Teal. I made sure to even out the sizes, so when I apply them I’ll have an equal balance of purple/pinks and blue/pinks. These nails will be my second set, so I’ll probably put them on friday before we head out to the cabana. Friday is also the day my cousin and I will be looking all dressed up and fancy, so these sandwich nails will look especially great with my sequined dress.

Amazing, right? The nails I will arrive in Vegas wearing (aka the ones Im putting on tomorrow) are splattered with two different colors. These ones are fun and unique and I absolutely love them to pieces. These were my 4th set of fake nails that I’ve designed, and splatter is by far the easiest way to do it. As long as you have a paper towel underneath the nails don’t fly away and you get great designs. The first splatter round was butter Londons Royal Navy, and then round two was O.P.I. Hot Fun In The Summer-Lime. The end result is awesome, and I will rock Vegas wearing these.

They also got a top coat of Pure Ice Fairy Dust.  Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t wait to be wearing these while having fun with my large family I never see enough, and under the casino lights these nails will definitely be a hit.