So Sorry

I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for a while! Here are some cool Aztec nails I did on my roommate to make up for it.20121008-115704.jpg20121008-115731.jpg




That’s right, Lauren Conrad. As in nails inspired by her. Which turned out fabulous. To make these pretty, clean cut nails we used Orly Jealous, Much?, Sally Hansen Crinoline, Julep Oscar , O.P.I. Bling Dynasty, and Love & Beauty in gold. Even though that sounds like a lot of polish, you can’t really tell by looking at her nails. They just look fresh and girlie (and awesome).




Aren’t they fabulous? My friend adores them, I adore them, and I think we accomplished the goal we set out with. Go nails!

School Spirit

I am currently lying in my bed right now preparing for my insanely busy day. My school plays its first home football game today, and I am fortunate enough to be able to be an observer on the sidelines. Which requires me to arrive 6 hours before the game and probably won’t come back to my dorm at all today. I’ll be busy slaving away. Ahah.
With that being said I have two school spirit nails I did in honor of my college. The first set I did on my friends a while back just because, and the second set are the nails I’m currently sporting. Go team ūüôā





Like I said, I am in bed. Therefore I have no idea what polishes I used for these. Just enjoy the prettiness and wish NAU luck today!

Can I Get An Aztec?

Yawnnn. I’m up way to early, it’s 50 degrees out, and I really don’t want to go to class yet. So I’ll kill some time by showing you guys the awesome tribal Mani did on the girl next door. She only wanted one tribal finger on each hand, and for them to be different. I used Essie Braziliant, Orly Jealous, Much?, and Barielle Wool You Marry Me. Everything was then topped off with some of INM Northern Lights, which is a quick dry topcoat that has holographic shimmer in it. So fun.
Now this is her right hand…20120912-072157.jpg20120912-072202.jpg
And this is her left!


The left is my favorite. I love how detailed I got it to look. Do you have a favorite? Are tribal nails your thing?

Double Trouble

So Friday evening I had two girls knock on my door and ask if I could do their nails… They were roommates, and were super excited to have me do them. One decided on the cloud mani, which used three colors. China Glaze In The Lime Light, Piggy Polish Strong Like Jazz, and Zoya Maisie. The other decided on a solid mani with an accent thumb. The green is O.P.I. Hot Fun In The Summer Lime, and the silver and white are from nail art bottles with no names. Boo. But they both loved them, and I think they turned out neat!




What do you think? I have a few photos stocked up, so expects the posts to come quite a bit this week!

They Come Back For More…

That’s a good sign right? Haha. After my friend got back from her trip we did girl time which involved pizza, nails, redone nails, and more pizza. Quite a time. However, I don’t have the nails polish names for these, because they were her polishes. The bottles she’s holding are from Urban Outfitters, and I do know the mint one is named Smush. I go blank after that. But they’re fun! Ahah. Her fingers remind me of candy.



Another Happy Customer

Hello everyone! I am currently sick and miserable, but before I came down with this miserableness I had another customer from down the hall! We decided to do Aztec nails, and I am digging the way they turned out. This was the first time I had done this on a persons nails, and I think I will be doing more in the future!
Doing these nails we used Ulta Picnic Time, Zoya Phoebe, and Finger Paints 15 Minutes Of Frame . Enjoy ūüôā




A Mermaids Tale: Lucky Duck!

I have officially re-fallen in love with Orly. Their creams are so creamy and their glitters are so sparkly. When they are combined, its an ultimate win. Using Orly Lucky Duck, Orly Mermaid Tale, Finger Paints Inkblot Blue, and O.P.I. Top Of My World, I created a nail-gradient sparkle fest. Her pinkie and pointer finger are gradients from the teal to blue with Top of My Worldover it, and the other fingers have Lucky Duck under Mermaid Tale. Its not as obnoxious as the nails in my last post are, but they definitely are fun to look at.  Especially the close up!!

Cool, no?

Now I am going to try something for the first time… a poll! If you read this blog, please share your opinion so I can see if they are a worthwhile tool! I can then use them to figure out which way I want to do my nails when I’m stuck, or see what kind of designs you guys like best. Now go vote and make me one happy blogger! ūüôā


*oops. I just realized the background of the poll was skulls… ignore that!

Never Before Seen (From Me)

I was staring at my racks of nail polish yesterday, and realized that in the very back corner was a turquoise glitter China Glaze nail polish that has never been used yet. *gasp*

Since I’m still rocking my gradient cheetah print nails, as soon as my friend got to my house this morning I dragged her to the counter so I could finally use¬†Optical Illusion. My friend is used to this, so she was game for me to experiment. And boyy, this polish is gorgeous! Its a light turquoise with tons of small rainbow colored glitter. Silver, red, yellow, green, pink, blue…. And that is just off the top of my head. But because I also wanted some nail art so I could blog about it, I threw in some opposite dots using¬†Sally Hansen¬†The Sky’s The Limit¬† and¬†Finger Paints¬†Inkblot Blue.¬†Inkblot¬†is the cerulean,¬†and¬†Sky¬†is the sky blue.¬†Optical Illusion also has a base of¬†Sky, because I wanted the color to be very very opaque. And the result is fabulous. Check out the closeup:

Fabulous, right? Its a very subtle glitter (perfect for my friend), yet it still packs a punch once you get a good look at it. The dots just add more fun. Enjoy :]

The Princess Is Here

I just love¬†Essence¬†Choose Me!.¬†Its the perfect mermaid shimmery teal, and its formula is lovely. I love it so much, in fact, that I gave a bottle of it to my friend for her birthday. She came over the other day, and was wearing it. While CM!¬†is lovely all by itself, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try out more splatter. My friend is always willing to be my guinea pig, and the results are always awesome. What you have is are splatters in¬†O.P.I.¬†Bling Dynasty¬† and¬†O.P.I.¬†Your Royal Shine-ness. ¬†The silver doesn’t show through the picture as well as it does in real life, but the overall combination is striking. Perfect for California (which is where she is headed for the 4th!)

Here is some more yummy eye candy.

Also, ignore the writing on her hand. Ahah.