Drumroll please…

And Glittericious is born!
I’m Jessica, a soon to be college student with a passionate love for all things animal printed and glittery. I love doing my nails, my friends nails, fake nails… I love nail polish! Im starting this blog as an outlet for my creativity. Plus I can use it as reasoning when I want do a new design after only wearing my old nail polish for an hour :]
I have quite a collection of nail polish, which I will detail at a later time. I’ll try any designs I can, however I hate dislike artificial designs (aka stamping!) so any designs you see are freehanded by moi unless otherwise noted!

These are the nails I did for my mom for her birthday! She usually gets them professionally done, but her polish had chipped. Jessica to the rescue! Yay plaid! I used one coat of Pure Ice Crimson as a base over her red chipped nails, then stripped using an old brush in Ulta Picnic Time and Stripe Rites metallic silver. I topped it all off with some Seche Vite ( best top coat EVER). Though it was a little “wild” for her normal taste, she loved it and I did too. This actually was my first time trying to copy plaid, so I think it was a success :]
Let me know what you Think!