Riveting Indeed

Hmm. It appears a habit is forming. I feel like the last few times I have posted I’ve been in math class… Today just continues that trend! The nails I’m showing you today are a gradient using two extremely shimmery China Glaze polishes, Riveting and 108 Degrees. Once I did them, my eyes just were glued. I think today is the third day I’ve rocked them, and for me that’s a long time. Especially considering I don’t plan on changing them until they chip. Horribly.
With these nails I feel like this is the best gradient I have done in a really long time. Everything is blended and smooth and I just can’t. Stop. Staring. See for yourself.



All of it was topped off with imb Northern Lights just to add some extra sparkle. I did two coats, and maybe the small holographic flecks are another reason I think my nails look extra blended and pretty. They go crazyyy in the sunlight. I tried to capture it, but I don’t know if any pictures can truly capture the amazingness of this manicure.

So much prettiness




I love nail polishes with inappropriate names. I got a manicure on Saturday, and when I saw this polish I had to have it- on my nails and in my collection. The blue is beautiful, and the name makes me giggle. Gotta love it.

There Are Different Kinds Of Love, Right?

Okay, so I know that I absolutely loved Zoya Tru earlier this week. And I still do. But you have to admit that color was a litttle dark. It didn’t really bother me, but when I saw this pretty by China Glaze, I knew I needed it. It spoke to my colorful, nail polish loving soul. The best part? Before my 20% discount was taken, the color was 2.99$. I was in shock, but that didn’t stop me from rushing home to coat my nails in it. It’s great. It’s so so great. May I present… China Glaze Gothic Lolita.

This is without flash. The sun had already set, so I couldn’t get the natural lighting. But with flash, it looks pretty similar.


Swoon. This blogger is Happyyyyy. And wait until you see the fun designs I have to put on it for my trip to St. Louis (Electrify reappears!).