I’m Nude

Finger Paints Natural Talent . I love it.






On a side note, does anyone notice that god awful bubbling on my pinkie? Anyone know why basecoats will sometimes do that? It drives me crazy.





Did You Know

That Size Matters?According to Essie it does. Readers, meet my new go to polish for any occasion that calls for sexy and mature nails. I really really love this polish. And the name. The gold and orange are just to spice things up.



School Spirit

I am currently lying in my bed right now preparing for my insanely busy day. My school plays its first home football game today, and I am fortunate enough to be able to be an observer on the sidelines. Which requires me to arrive 6 hours before the game and probably won’t come back to my dorm at all today. I’ll be busy slaving away. Ahah.
With that being said I have two school spirit nails I did in honor of my college. The first set I did on my friends a while back just because, and the second set are the nails I’m currently sporting. Go team ūüôā





Like I said, I am in bed. Therefore I have no idea what polishes I used for these. Just enjoy the prettiness and wish NAU luck today!

They Come Back For More…

That’s a good sign right? Haha. After my friend got back from her trip we did girl time which involved pizza, nails, redone nails, and more pizza. Quite a time. However, I don’t have the nails polish names for these, because they were her polishes. The bottles she’s holding are from Urban Outfitters, and I do know the mint one is named Smush. I go blank after that. But they’re fun! Ahah. Her fingers remind me of candy.



Shower Dots

This will be super quick because I have to go to class… But I LOVE these! Two coats of China Glaze Shower Together, then all my nail art bottles that never have names. Silver, pink, purple, yellow. So cute.





18 & Fabulous

Well, I am officially 18. Happy birthday to me! To celebrate this (apparently its kind of a big deal), I’m doing my nails as nice as can be. They need to look fabulous when I start my classes tomorrow (!!). So, these pinterest inspired nails use four polishes. China Glaze Gothic Lolita, China Glaze Shower Together, Sinful Colors Nail Junkie , and Kiss nail art paint in pink. I think these are a twist of geometric and tribal, and I’m enjoying it. They’ll go well with my safari dress I’m wearing tomorrow. What do you think?


Sorry they are slightly messy, I didn’t have time to clean them up. I’ll do that later though… It’s nap time!

Fish Scales?

I did my nails last night, and figured I would post about them this morning. But this morning I woke up and realized I didn’t like them any more. I’m just not going to post about nails I do I don’t like. Ahah. So you know what that means…. Time to do them again >:D
These nails kind of just happened. I was thinking dots and then when I did my first nail I just kept staring at it. Am I the only one who sees the fish scale-esque resemblance? I really just feel like my hands would look so cool if I just grabbed a fish right now. I can’t do that though, so I’m left imagining it. My accent nail was originally stripes, and on any other day it would have stayed striped. But today I was feeling the dots, so dots it was. The jade is Orly Lucky Duck, and the silver with pink undertones is China Glaze Devotion. I’m a fan.



Anyone see the scales? Am I just seeing things? Let me know in the comments :]

Radio Superstar Say What?




I would like to start this blog post by stating just how much I LOVE close ups of my nails when I crop on my Mac. I definitely could not get this quality on my iPhone, and seeing the difference just makes me very, very appreciative.

With these nails we have me playing around with some new glitters. On my pinkie and pointer finger I have one coat of Finger Paints¬†Inkblot Blue,¬†followed by one coat of¬†Icing Radio Superstar.¬†Then, using the pink glitters in that polish, I decided to do a dot outline on the rest of my nails. All of them have a base coat of¬†Inkblot Blue,¬†¬†then two coats of¬†Island Girl¬†Island Volcano.¬†¬†The dots are Hard Candy¬†Fabuluxe.¬†¬†These nails are really fun to look at, and they go crazy sparkly in good light. I’ve had a few people actually just grab my hands to look at them because they are so eye-catching. My verdict? Success!


What do you think? I also just got done doing a cool mani on my friend with some new polishes, so expect that shortly!





Never Before Seen (From Me)

I was staring at my racks of nail polish yesterday, and realized that in the very back corner was a turquoise glitter China Glaze nail polish that has never been used yet. *gasp*

Since I’m still rocking my gradient cheetah print nails, as soon as my friend got to my house this morning I dragged her to the counter so I could finally use¬†Optical Illusion. My friend is used to this, so she was game for me to experiment. And boyy, this polish is gorgeous! Its a light turquoise with tons of small rainbow colored glitter. Silver, red, yellow, green, pink, blue…. And that is just off the top of my head. But because I also wanted some nail art so I could blog about it, I threw in some opposite dots using¬†Sally Hansen¬†The Sky’s The Limit¬† and¬†Finger Paints¬†Inkblot Blue.¬†Inkblot¬†is the cerulean,¬†and¬†Sky¬†is the sky blue.¬†Optical Illusion also has a base of¬†Sky, because I wanted the color to be very very opaque. And the result is fabulous. Check out the closeup:

Fabulous, right? Its a very subtle glitter (perfect for my friend), yet it still packs a punch once you get a good look at it. The dots just add more fun. Enjoy :]

dots, ombre, glitter, matte….

All of the above? I just bought the most fabulous glitter this morning,¬†Sinful Colors¬†Nail Junkie. Its a fabulous turquoise-teal glitter with tons of different color hexes that range from navy to gold. It’s so lovely, when you look at it all you can think is “pretty.” Also, maybe “mermaid.” Anyways, so I used this amazing polish when I did my friends nails this afternoon. Also used were O.P.I¬†Hot Fun In The Summer-Lime,¬†Sally Hansen¬†The Sky’s The Limit, Hard Candy¬†Matte-ly In Love,¬†¬†and¬†Color Club¬†in yellow. On her Index and ring finger is¬†HFISL¬†and two coats of¬†MIL.¬†NJ¬† is then applied to the tips. On the other three fingers is two coats of¬†NJ, then ombre dots starting with¬†TSTL,¬†leading to HFISL,¬† and finishing off with the yellow. Those three fingers are then topped off with two coats of¬†Seche Vite,¬†as are the glitter tips of the other two. Ready for some prettyness?




My friend is super happy and so am I! What do you think?