Riveting Indeed

Hmm. It appears a habit is forming. I feel like the last few times I have posted I’ve been in math class… Today just continues that trend! The nails I’m showing you today are a gradient using two extremely shimmery China Glaze polishes, Riveting and 108 Degrees. Once I did them, my eyes just were glued. I think today is the third day I’ve rocked them, and for me that’s a long time. Especially considering I don’t plan on changing them until they chip. Horribly.
With these nails I feel like this is the best gradient I have done in a really long time. Everything is blended and smooth and I just can’t. Stop. Staring. See for yourself.



All of it was topped off with imb Northern Lights just to add some extra sparkle. I did two coats, and maybe the small holographic flecks are another reason I think my nails look extra blended and pretty. They go crazyyy in the sunlight. I tried to capture it, but I don’t know if any pictures can truly capture the amazingness of this manicure.

So much prettiness


School Spirit

I am currently lying in my bed right now preparing for my insanely busy day. My school plays its first home football game today, and I am fortunate enough to be able to be an observer on the sidelines. Which requires me to arrive 6 hours before the game and probably won’t come back to my dorm at all today. I’ll be busy slaving away. Ahah.
With that being said I have two school spirit nails I did in honor of my college. The first set I did on my friends a while back just because, and the second set are the nails I’m currently sporting. Go team ūüôā





Like I said, I am in bed. Therefore I have no idea what polishes I used for these. Just enjoy the prettiness and wish NAU luck today!

Cheer Up Buttercup!

So, when I posted yesterday I was a sick and miserable person. And lonely, because when you’re Sick in college people try to keep a distance from you. As a result, I reached for some of my brightest summer neons Maybelline Fierce and Tangy, and China Glaze Hot Fun In The Summer-Lime. When my nails were just painted these colors I already started to perk up, but I needed more! I added in China Glaze Shower Together to add some contrast between all the brightness that was going on. And you know what? Between these nails and the jamba juice my friend brought me my mood picked up considerably, and I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Maybe it was the medicine, but I am a believer in the power of positive thinking and cute nails! Ahah, so here they are!





Also, that bottle of¬†Essie¬†I am holding is called¬†Grow Stronger,¬†and it is a new basecoat I am trying out. I’ll let you know if it actually strengthens and lengthens my nails!

A Mermaids Tale: Lucky Duck!

I have officially re-fallen in love with Orly. Their creams are so creamy and their glitters are so sparkly. When they are combined, its an ultimate win. Using Orly Lucky Duck, Orly Mermaid Tale, Finger Paints Inkblot Blue, and O.P.I. Top Of My World, I created a nail-gradient sparkle fest. Her pinkie and pointer finger are gradients from the teal to blue with Top of My Worldover it, and the other fingers have Lucky Duck under Mermaid Tale. Its not as obnoxious as the nails in my last post are, but they definitely are fun to look at.  Especially the close up!!

Cool, no?

Now I am going to try something for the first time… a poll! If you read this blog, please share your opinion so I can see if they are a worthwhile tool! I can then use them to figure out which way I want to do my nails when I’m stuck, or see what kind of designs you guys like best. Now go vote and make me one happy blogger! ūüôā


*oops. I just realized the background of the poll was skulls… ignore that!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Improvise

I have been dying to do a glitter gradient for a while now, so as soon as I got home I gathered all my nail polish to try and create what was in my head. The only problem? I could not find make up sponges anywhere. While I was gone we had the flooring redone, which means all my nail stuff had to be packed away. Since the sponge is what makes the gradient an actual gradient, I was a bit crestfallen. That is, until I realized I could improvise! Using a cotton ball and Saran wrap I was able to dab the glitter onto my nails and get the same effect that the sponge creates. I’m so pleased with the results, especially since I thought I wouldn’t be able to do them when I couldn’t find my sponges. Using Sally Hansen Good To Grape and Finger Paints Purple Palette, here’s my gradient! I kind of wish it was contrasting more, but that just means I’ll have to try again with funner colors. Oh, the horror (;])





SIlver And Gold….And Love And Pink

My goodness, I love these gradient nails. The silver and gold blended perfectly, and looking at how they turned out makes me happy. Ive never been a believer in the saying that silver and gold don’t mesh well. On the silver charm bracelet I wear every day I have a gold ring attached, and one of my favorite bracelet cuffs is half silver, half gold. I actually love mixing the two, especially now that I have seen how these nails turned out. If I had to do it over, I probably would have left my middle finger just gradient but oh well. I still adore them. Plus, these aren’t common nails to find. So I can be assured of having unique nails wherever I am. The gold is¬†Pure ICE¬†Bite Me,¬†and the silver is¬†O.P.I.¬†Your Royal Shine-ness.¬†The teal is my new nail art bottle,¬†Finger Paints¬†Art Hue Feeling Young?¬†and the pink is¬†O.P.I.¬†Strawberry Margarita.¬†

This is the first time that I freehanded the cheetah print using a nail art brush-usually I use my dotting tools. While Im sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to get the hang of the brush, I think I’ll stick with my dotting tools. I get more detail and control that way. I definitely consider these the best gradient I’ve done so far, and can’t wait to keep doing it ūüôā